Ever witnessed a phenomena that could not have been explained very well? Perhaps the answer came out as “I don’t know”, or “well—”, followed by some peculiar storytelling. Despite what was seen, may have been an intentionality.

Licorice is a poetic collective of thoughts from a crater of NAMES of various era, exploring their views upon this reality. Which contain how certain variables in this life, their lives and those beside them, prove to be more than the chaos of everyday interactions. These NAMES present the special of the average, at the dawn of something more, regardless of ideals — the beginning of unveiling and a truth of the matters front and center.

Until a certain form comes to light, it will remain: mysterious. Not far from shadowless nights who understand the world’s many layers more than their own casters. Within these compendium of thoughts however, from the everyday and awing figures, it is possible these occurrences lead to something that has been right before these eyes that continue dismissing.

Licorice: a poetic experience is available now in Digital, Paperback and Hardcover formats.

One belief, one faith, the structure of the infinite Scapes, embody the ideals Concept: the Creator established nearly fifty billion years ago. Where all of his creatures coexist as equals amongst others complex and simple–all harboring the faith their maker bestowed them with. Living in harmony – by the philosophy of connection – eminently connected to the ones He has made for them; never born too far from one another.

Those ones they are meant to be with: their Connected.

Enero de Las Tierras Olvidadas, a nineteen year old Lost Child of La Paìs Scape, makes his first venture outside his Scape to find and connect with his own. Ready to discover the legacy placed upon them: the rarest of all creatures mentioned sparsely in THE BOOK. However, through all of this quotidian connection, equality, harmony and honesty, trek those few bearing scathing turmoils – who make it their role to go against those very elements Concept imbued them with. Regardless of the countless ways existence crafts in homage to their Creator, whether it’d be language, arts or simply being, some choose breaking their links of him.

Becoming Disconnected: a being whose connections unfortunately severed in their path not of Concept’s design. And are climbing by reasons malignant. The correlation of a narrative unbound about family, faith, roles, “aspects” of existence and (dis)connection starts here.

Concept’s Forever (Volume 1) is available now in Digital and Paperback formats.

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